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Hi, I'm Kelly Chase!

I may not have found my soulmate on Love Is Blind, but I did find self love! And with that, I discovered a passion for helping women step into their power & unleash their goddess magic!

I used to have no boundaries when it came to dating & relationships, always chasing love; and I used to work multiple unfulfilling jobs, chasing money & success. Now, I am a confident boundaries setting badass, who, although still wears many hats, I LOVE what I DO! I am an entrepreneur, social influencer, podcast host, speaker and reality TV star best known for my role as a cast mate on the breakaway hit Netflix show, 
Love Is Blind Season 1

I'm on a mission to empower women to redefine love, success, and money, giving them the confidence to step into their greatness and create a life they are obsessed with!

Just as I have.

I cannot WAIT to support You on your own self love + healing journey!

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